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Nikola Tesla would’ve told these guys, “Chill out on the juice, man.” But Johnson City CO-OP gulps up power on Christmas for their tree lights like Hoover Dam. I thought I was Ant-Man floating through brain scans, the branches of trees like neural pathways scattered all around me. It was beautiful, though. The dazzling blue and white lights. We came across a library box converted into a food box, for those in need. Another sign of the times.

We slipped away and drove around seeking out access to the Pedernales. We found a road outside of town that led us into Pedernales River Nature Park. The gate was wide open, but no one was there. It was pitch dark. I took an envelope from the box, looked around, slipped in a 5, sealed it, and slipped it into the slot.

We hiked down to the water with a flashlight and stargazed from a swaying dock in the cold night. We saw turtles stream across the water and stars pulsate, sparkling with green and red light. I turned around. I heard what sounded like a motorcycle coming our way. A man rode up to us on a Harley and stopped, shining his light right on us. I couldn’t see his face. I put my hand over my eyes. Fog drifted across the beam of his headlight.

It was the park host.

Nice man, but park was closed.

Said he forgot to lock the gate.


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