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Maybe it’s my age. I don't know. But every time I see one of the green benches at a City park, I dread it. But I make myself go. I walk up and check it for the inevitable memorial plaque. And read it. And I regard the brevity of life. I have noticed that most of the departed were young. Too young. And the inscriptions the parents leave just break my heart. “LOVED FOREVER”


Loved. forever.

I force myself to stop and read. And I regard the brevity of life.

We walked past the volleyball court and I found that the trail we were about to embark on was named after a fellow hiker and conservationist who helped care for this trail. She passed away at 29 years of age.

With everything that’s going on, these aren’t “Carpe Diem” moments. Far from it. They just remind me that I am flesh and blood and that life, daily life, is important. I will try to make them count?

We checked the map and our route.

I thought about them the whole way.

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You’re such a kind man. Enjoy nature and keep on being positive! Love your stories…felt like I was there. ❤️

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