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Started behind a teen couple on a teenage stroll. Maybe that’s why the golden hour this evening was so radiant. Early days of spring and young crushes make creation break out into song. They let us pass.

We went off trail and found a ravine with rusty washing machine and lawn mower parts strewn to bits across the hillside. But not even all of this junk could confine any beauty from Spring. We went further into the woods and found an Oak grove with two ancient trees whose roots reached out over the rocks like some great sea monster swallowing a ship. It was here that we stopped to take in the sunlight passing through the leaves with the purest gold.

My wife slid down a hill covered with slick leaves. I had to throw her my hiking stick so she could make it down. We hiked across the greenbelt looking for a rock wall which we found a mile down.

And in came the cool and the indigo sky, and a soft blanket of night. The does looked up with silver eyes as we passed, and we made our way back home.

Bauerle Ranch

Austin, Texas

3 miles


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